A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day is the debut recording from Dave Curley and Mick Broderick. Placing Dave’s vocals to the fore, this album delicately balances new compositions by the duo with traditional Irish songs. With new textures and sounds imbedded in the arrangements, the songs move through heartache, love, political crookedness, the realities of a mother’s son at war and an homage to the Irish emigrants that came before. The struggles they endured are explored in a track entitled ‘The Real Men Gone Before Me”. Whilst Dave and Mick have different writing styles showcased throughout the recording, this track demonstrates how well they work and blend together to enable the creation of such a sentimental piece. “The Pleasure Will Be Mine” composed by Alan Reid gets tender treatment and flows you gently to the ‘sleepy river’ in the final scene of the song. The recording throughout is thoughtful and creative and is just the beginning for what these two artists can create.

“absolutely lovely, giving me straight pleasure”
– Donal Lunny

“Dave Curley is an extremely talented instrumentalist, singer and performing talent. Find The CD and buy it!!! Big League“
– Bill Margeson

Take a Look Around

Album of the Year 2021 – ALSR Award

Take a Look Around is the debut trio album from One for the Foxes. Creating exciting and fresh sounds with newly-composed material, the trio draws from their traditional roots to create an eclectic and dynamic album.

Track Listing
1. Lost Pints & Shiny Shoes
2. When We Became None
3. Bat in the Cap
4. Velvet Strand
5. Toby’s Fancy
6. Ghosts And Dreams
7. We Wander Through
8. The Forgotten Tune
9. Pretty Fair Maid in the Garden
10. When We Became None (Radio Edit)


No Fear Oil Painting – A Guide to Creative Brush Handling

Total Video Runtime: Over 7 Hours (462 min.)

Lyn Boyer, OPA from Durango, Colorado and Dave Curley from Galway, Ireland lead you on a visual and musical journey sharing new ways of approaching your own creative path with more freedom.

Lyn’s brush handling exercises taught in concert with Dave’s rhythmic interpretations on the Irish Bodhrán are one example of the tools we’ve put together to help you move beyond artistic blocks, learn the art of fearlessness as a painter, and add some arrows to your creative quiver.

A very special addition is a music video filmed for ’No Fear Oil Painting™’ – Dave performing his original composition, ‘Querrin, Co. Clare’ at the World Famous Artist’s Cabin in Austin, Texas. Dave’s music throughout the rest of the art video is not only beautiful but is intended to inspire your painting practice as you listen for the many concepts common to both art forms – rhythm, harmony, melodic line, composition, keys, and more.

A year in the making, our hope is, the video opens a path to a new level of fearlessness in your painting practice. Our mission, as Interplay Artists™, is to invoke the intersection of the shared artistic disciplines of Musician and Painter. We’re proud to present an artistic and musical journey…”NO FEAR Oil Painting™ – A Guide to Creative Brush Handling”.



24×18 oil on linen

Coffee…black.’ made its debut at the New Visions Art Show at the Illume Gallery of Fine Art on March 23rd, 2020. It is available through the gallery.

The painting continues Lyn’s exploration of not only seeking to capture a moment in time, but to capture an experience of the senses. Beyond the visual, to communicate the sounds, textures, aromas – the movement through time. The clatter of the dishes, the feeling of the counter tops, the weight and warmth of a ceramic coffee cup – a wholly human moment stitched together from a series of moments.


Private Collection

The Muse
34×24 oil on linen

The Muse is the signature painting and visual expression of the mission of Interplay Artists™. A collaborative project between painter and musician – Lyn Boyer & Dave Curley founders of Interplay Artists™, it seeks to express the origins of creativity, music giving voice to the visual and the translation of sounds and rhythms into form and color.

The Muse made its public debut at the the prestigious Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition hosted by RS Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, Texas , September 2020.