Dave Curley is a traditional and contemporary Irish folk artist with a distinctive voice, both musically and artistically. He is attentive to his musical roots in Irish traditional music but explores and broadens the soundscapes and boundaries he encounters. He has quickly become a sought after performer, collaborator and composer within his genre with groups such as The Crannua Collective, One For the Foxes, and SLIDE.

“The opportunity to collaborate with Lyn Boyer, a magnificent and expressive oil painter was one I could not pass up. Her artistic choices, incorporating movement and flow, rhythm and an engaging fluidity and freedom, allows me to expand my own music and explore the dialogue between the two disciplines.”


Lyn Boyer is an American painter whose impetus as a visual story-teller is fed by her deep roots and passion from her years as an editorial illustrator. Always pushing boundaries she continually seeks more powerful ways of communicating. Her passion is for a painting to speak for itself. To evoke an emotion, a moment in time, a ring of truth. Lyn’s paintings hang in galleries and private collections throughout the United States. She is an award winning plein air and studio oil painter, a signature member of Oil Painters of America, a committed educator and a sought after public speaker and instructor.

“It’s an incredible privilege to collaborate with Dave Curley, a truly powerful musician, composer and lyricist. The stunning breadth of vocabulary Dave brings to his art form is a rare symbiosis of deep sensitivity coupled with underlying strength and insight into the human condition. I saw in his music the rhythms, color and breadth I seek to express in my parallel art form as a painter. I find Dave to be the perfect counterpart and collaborator in my search to add a voice to the visual.”